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Wooden Pearl - Rose Gold Koa Wood Mother of Pearl Wedding Ring

Wooden Pearl - Rose Gold Koa Wood Mother of Pearl Wedding Ring

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This exceptional ring showcases a stunning blend of luxurious rose gold colored tungsten, rich Koa wood, and iridescent mother of pearl, resulting in a breathtaking piece that is as unique as your love story.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this ring features Koa wood inlays on the sides, adding a touch of warmth and organic charm. The intricate grain patterns of the Koa wood reflect nature's beauty, creating a visual feast for the eyes. Each piece of wood is carefully selected and skillfully placed, ensuring that no two rings are alike, making yours truly one-of-a-kind.

Enhancing its allure, this remarkable ring boasts a mesmerizing mother of pearl inlay in the center. The lustrous, iridescent surface of the mother of pearl exudes an ethereal glow, captivating all who behold it. Its delicate hues of pink, blue, and green shimmer and change with the light, creating a captivating play of colors that symbolize the ever-changing nature of love.

Material(s): Tungsten, Mother of Pearl, Koa Wood
Diameter: 8mm
Color(s): Rose Gold, White/Cream, Brown
Warranty: 1 year warranty
Return Policy: 30 day return policy
Processing Time: 4-7 business days

Tungsten is the most scratch resistant metal known to man. It has a solid weight without being overbearing or cheap feeling. Tungsten does not bend or easily scratch, making it optimal for rings. It is rated a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale in hardness, making it just one point below a diamond.

**Please note the coating in not 100% scratch resistant. It can crack or scratch with sharp objects or repetitive hitting**

- All rings come with a full 30-day return policy (including exchange for different size) and a 1-year warranty. Should anything happen to your ring, it will be repaired or replaced. Please note this does NOT cover lost or stolen rings.

- Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping for USA based customers. Free International ground shipping wordwide!

- Free Premium Wood Ring Box

- All of our rings are high quality, durable, and comfort fitReturns & Exchanges

If your ring doesn't fit, please message us and we will let you know where to return it. We do NOT charge extra for a restocking fee or resizing fee. You will be responsible for return shipping. We will always cover all shipping charges from us to you.

If any issues arise with your unique mens wedding band, please reach out to us as all of our womens and mens rings are covered by a full 1-year warranty. If you have any questions regarding your wedding band please don't hestitate to contact us!

Materials: Tungsten

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