About Us

At Elemental Bands we offer both affordability, quality, as well as excellent customer service. We aren't happy unless you are happy!

As you browse through our various rings, please keep in mind that all rings come with a full 30-day return/refund policy and a full 1-year warranty. You can return the ring for ANY reason if you are not 100% satisfied within the first 30 days of owning it. We believe that a wedding ring should have a special feeling and a special meaning. Because of this, we put a guarantee you will be happy or we will give you the option to return the ring for a full refund. This includes returning the ring for a new size!

We offer a variety of unique engagement rings and wedding rings to satisfy all tastes and all personalities. Be sure to check out our vast selection of moissanite engagement rings, deer antler rings, koa wood rings, wooden rings, Damascus steel rings, and tungsten rings. If you can't find something you love we do have additional selection available at the Elemental Bands Etsy Shop.

Please note that the ring sizes you see are what we currently have available. Since we sell the same rings on both Etsy as well as here at Elementalbands.com, various mens wedding rings can suddenly be removed to go out of stock. There is no guarantee we will continue creating a ring once it is sold out.